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CD Packaging

Typesetters in East Morton

Prestset work closely with various companies, originating artwork for printed parts of CDs and DVDs and troubleshooting customer’s own files to make sure that they conform to the various factories stringent specifications. If creating your own artwork and you are not 100% sure of the requirements then please call us first to discuss the job and avoid incurring extra costs from ourselves to make the files work. We really would prefer and recommend that you give us a call before starting your project.

Please read the Hints and tips for instructions relating to the creation of your artwork, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of reading and following these to save you time and money, we often need to spend a considerable amount of time rectifying incorrect artwork.

Below is a link to download Sony’s most commonly used templates, from this link you can download the required file as either a PDF or an EPS. Should the template you require not be available please contact us for further information.